A Affordable Tents, Tables and Chairs offers tent rental for all of your outdoor events. Tents are a great way to gather your guest together and shelter them from any arising weather conditions. Also great way to provide shade on the most sunniest of summer days.

Tents are set-up on grassy areas and are staked to ground. If you have any concerns with location of the rental tent, we offer free site inspection upon request.

All tents are setup at no extra charge . All orders are delivered to your home or business. However delivery will be charged based on the distance. Delivery charge starts from $25.


10X10WhiteTent8 to 16 Guests$70
10X14BrownTent8 to 16 Guests$70
10X20WhiteTentUp to 32 Guests$125
20X20Yellow & WhiteTentUp to 48 Guests$195
20X20WhiteTentUp to 48 Guests$220
20X30WhiteHigh Peak TentUp to 64 Guests$325
20X40Yellow & WhiteTentUp to 96 Guests$370
Tent Sidewalls20X7Solid White$1/Foot
Window Tent Sidewalls20X7Solid White$1/Foot
Tent Sidewalls30X7Solid White$1/Foot
Window Tent Sidewalls30X7Solid White$1/Foot
Tent Lights$25/Tent

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